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December 16, 2019

Stereopsia 2019

Technological research on Stereopsia 2019

Leading VR technologies will be used in the new musical Aladdin.

Peganov Entertainment took part in the Stereopsia 2019 festival with the aim of selecting the most advanced VR innovations for the new international music show Aladdin.

Virtual technology, best actors, amazing costumes and unforgettable music, all this in one amazing musical from Peganov Entertainment.

Stereopsia is part of the Emmy Award. This is an event dedicated to all forms of 3D / XR / AI. It features a series of top-notch conferences, panels with international experts, exhibitions and demos, networking opportunities, and awards. This international event is organized in close collaboration with the Hollywood-based Advanced Imaging Society and its EMEA Chapter, and it bestows their prestigious Lumiere Awards to exceptional 3D and 3D VR content makers.